Who invented sewing machines in 1846?

Answer In 1846, Elias Howe patented the first practical sewing machine. However, until Isaac Singer added the up-and-down motion and Allen Wilson put in a rotary hook shuttle, the device did not sell very... Read More »

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Who invented Singer sewing machines?

The Singer sewing machine was invented by Isaac Merritt Singer. He patented his sewing machine design in 1851 and formed I.M. Singer & Company in the same year with partner Edward C. Clark. Singer'... Read More »

When were portable sewing machines invented?

The first portable sewing machines were invented in the 1920s, but were heavy and expensive. During the Great Depression, home sewing became very popular and a number of sewing innovations were dis... Read More »

What year were sewing machines invented?

The first workable sewing machine was patented by English inventor Thomas Saint in 1790. His machine was designed to sew leather and canvas and was used mostly for boots. This design did not use a ... Read More »

How did people make cloth when sewing machines were not invented yet?

The sewing machine was invented in 1846. Before this, clothes were made by hand using thread and needle. Straight pins, lace and hooks were used to tie or fasten the clothes together. Buttons and s... Read More »