Who invented rubber erasers?

Answer The erasing capabilities of rubber were inadvertently discovered in 1770 when English scientist and engineer, Edward Naime, accidentally picked up a piece of rubber to erase lead marks from a piece... Read More »

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How to Recondition Pencil Rubber Erasers?

Correcting a pencil mark should be a simple enough task, but sometimes a good eraser is nowhere to be found. Through trial and error, most people learn that old, dark and dried-out erasers never er... Read More »

Who invented erasers?

A man by the name of Edward Naime, who was an English engineer, invented erasers in 1770. Before erasers were invented, bread was used as an "eraser" to get rid of things written in pencil.Source:S... Read More »

When were white board erasers first invented in the U.S.?

The first whiteboard eraser was patented as number 4937910 on July 3, 1990. It was invented by Thomas G. Frazier, who applied for the patent on November 30, 1988. The cover was made of a chemical-r... Read More »

Who invented the rubber ball?

The man that is credited with the invention of the first rubber ball is Coburn Haskell. Coburn was a golfer in Cleveland and, with the help of the B. F. Goodrich Company, produced the rubber ball.... Read More »