Who invented rope lights?

Answer The earliest set of rope lights were invented in 1882 by an American named Edward Johnson the vice president of the company Edison Electric Light. The lights were created by hand wiring many bright... Read More »

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Can you dim rope lights?

The 120 volt rope lights can be dimmed with a standard dimmer switch provided the switch will handle the current. Ensure your dimmer switch is rated for the wattage required by the rope lights you ... Read More »

How to Cut LED Rope Lights?

LED rope light is designed to be cut at very specific intervals -- typically 18 or 36 inches -- depending on what type of wiring is being used. If the LED rope light is wired in a two-wire configur... Read More »

Who invented soap on a rope?

History has it that soap on a rope was invented by the Design House of Dana in 1949, most commonly known as the English Leather company. Though soap on a rope had been in circulation since the 1950... Read More »

When were led lights invented?

Nick Holonyak invented LED (light-emitting diode) light bulbs in 1962 when he worked for General Electric. The original model produced red light. Cars use LEDs in headlights, dashboards and interi... Read More »