Who invented rechargeable li-ion batteries?

Answer The Sony Corporation invented the first rechargeable li-ion batteries. In 1991, Sony used the basic model of the lithium metal battery and altered it to a lithium ion model that was better able to ... Read More »

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In what year were rechargeable batteries invented?

Although some form of batteries were used as far back as prehistoric times, the first rechargeable batteries were not invented until 1859. These batteries were invented by a French physicist named ... Read More »

Are nimh rechargeable batteries interchangeable with nicd rechargeable batteries?

Yes, NiMH and NiCd batteries are generally interchangeable, and are interchangeable with traditional alkaline batteries. Simply replace the battery with the appropriate size, AAA, AA, and so on. N... Read More »

Is it possible to replace rechargeable stinger flashlight batteries with regular batteries?

According to Streamlight, the manufacturer of Stinger flashlights, you cannot put regular batteries in a Stinger flashlight. Each flashlight comes with a specific type of rechargeable batteries tha... Read More »

Are rechargeable Li-ion batteries *greener* than disposable alkaline batteries?

Neither battery has any really bad stuff in it. The Li-Ion is greener because you need fewer batteries over time and thus use less resources. The only rechargeable battery that's nasty is the NiC... Read More »