Who invented radial tires?

Answer Michelin Tires introduced the first radial tires in 1948, which were immediately introduced in Europe that year. Radials outlast other types of tires but are twice as expensive to make.Source:Broo... Read More »

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Who invented the first radial tires?

The Michelin Tire Company invented the radial tire in 1948 and made their debut in Europe that same year. They were viewed as an upgrade over bias ply

Can you mix radial and nylon tires?

It is not advisable to mix radial and nylon tires. However, if it is not avoidable, put the nylon tires on the front wheels of your vehicle and the radials on the back. For the best all-around perf... Read More »

Do radial tires save gas?

Radial ply tires (commonly referred to as steel belted tires) are constructed with up to three polyester plies set at 90-degree angles to the tread. One to four steel mesh belts run directly under ... Read More »

Can you drive a car with different radial tires?

Yes, you can physically drive a car with different radial tires but it is not recommended. You should not mix radial tires, especially radial tires that are on the same axle. Mixing tires affects t... Read More »