Who invented printer ink?

Answer According to, the same inventors who created the first ink jet printer also developed printer ink. These two California natives---Stephan Sears and Edmond Kyser, Ph.D.---applied for the pr... Read More »

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Who invented the laser printer?

The laser printer was invented in 1969 by Xerox researcher Gary Starkweather. The laser printer was commercialized in 1976 by IBM. The first laser printers cost thousands of dollars, but over time ... Read More »

Who invented the dot matrix printer?

Centronics introduced the first dot matrix printer in 1970, according to Computer Hope. A dot matrix printer formed images and text using thousands of tiny dots. Modern ink jet printers produce a ... Read More »

Who invented the home printer?

Hewlett Packard released its first DeskJet printer in 1988, which was the first printer directed towards public consumers. The printer's popularity soared, as it was compact, delivered industry sta... Read More »

Who invented the color printer?

C. Itoh Electronics, Inc. (CIE) developed the first color printer in 1976. Apple Computers marketed the color printer under the name "ImageWriter" in 1983. The printer sold for $675 and was an 80-c... Read More »