Who invented plastic shopping bags?

Answer Sten Gustaf Thulin was a Swedish engineer who invented the plastic shopping bag. His idea was to take a flat plastic tube and make it into bags through a process of folding, welding and die-cutting... Read More »

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Should we use plastic for shopping bags?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsWhen compared to paper bags, the ones made of plastic can be viewed as beneficial in saving forest lands, using less energy to transport because of their lighter wei... Read More »

What do you do with the plastic shopping bags you get from groceries and stores?

I made myself something out of a kitchen towel. I put elastic at both ends and put a hanger on the top and I put the extras in that to use for trash bags, to put wet bathing suits in, to keep rice ... Read More »

How long does it take to break down plastic shopping bags?

It can take between 20 and 1,000 years for a plastic shopping bag to break down. The bags do not biodegrade; they just become smaller and smaller bits of plastic, and those bits of plastic eventual... Read More »

Do retailers get paid for recycling plastic shopping bags?

RecycleBank from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, pays retailers to recycle plastic bags, but many companies donate the money. Large companies such as Target, Whole Foods, Starbucks and others are leadi... Read More »