Who invented pencil sharpeners?

Answer The French inventor Bernard Lassimone invented the first known pencil sharpener, applying for a patent for his device in 1828. Before that time, pencils were sharpened by whittling their tips with ... Read More »

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Who makes the best pencil sharpeners?

On One Hand: Best Sharpener for High Volume.High volume offices and schools need an electric sharpener that works efficiently, won't jam frequently and can handle high capacity use. Galt Technology... Read More »

Where Are X-ACTO Pencil Sharpeners Made?

X-ACTO pencil sharpeners are provided by Elmer's Products, Inc, a company mainly known for producing glue products. The X-ACTO brand specializes in cutting and craft tools. Their pencil sharpeners ... Read More »

Who makes Boston pencil sharpeners?

Boston pencil sharpeners are made by the X-ACTO company, best known for making X-ACTO precision knives. X-ACTO is a division of Elmer's Products Inc., producer of glue products since the 1940s.Sour... Read More »

Who invented the pencil?

Nicolas-Jacques Conté of France invented the first modern pencil in 1794. He mixed clay with powdered graphite and baked it to form pencil leads of varying hardnesses. Previously, pieces of Englis... Read More »