Who invented paintballs?

Answer Paintballs are pellets containing paint that are used in the warlike game of paintball. Paintballs were invented in the 1970s by Charles Nelson. They were first used by foresters to mark trees fro... Read More »

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Do paintballs go bad?

Paintballs will generally stay good as long as they are in the sealed package they are bought in. Once the seal is broken, a paintball will start to go bad within 6 to 8 hours. When a paintball goe... Read More »

Can you recycle paintballs?

Most of the time, the gelatin capsule of a traditional paintball will break when used, rendering it incapable of being used again. However, specially made paintballs can be recycled. These items ar... Read More »

How do I clean up paintballs?

ClothingWipe the splattered paint from a paintball off clothing with a damp cloth. Place the clothing in a washing machine and wash according to the directions on the clothing. Paintballs are desi... Read More »

Are all paintballs biodegradable?

Paintballs are all made of entirely biodegradable materials, according to They are non-toxic and non-staining, as well. Paint residue will wash out in the laundry. Ingredients inc... Read More »