Who invented the game paintball?

Answer The invention of paintball can be credited to four people: Charles Nelson, Charles Gaines, Hayes Noel and Bob Gurnsey. Charles Nelson had the original idea of a gun shooting balls of paint, and the... Read More »

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What year was the paintball gun invented?

The paintball gun was invented in 1974 by James Hale of Daisy Manufacturing. The original use of the paintball gun was not for sports; it was to mark trees and cattle for farming and forestry appli... Read More »

How old do you have to be to own a paintball gun?

Eight states have specific legislation regarding paintball guns, according to an October 2008 report by the Connecticut Legislature on the subject. Illinois regulates the sale of paintball guns to ... Read More »

Can CO2 go in an ion paintball gun?

The Smart Parts Ion series of paintball guns is designed to work with both nitrogen and CO2. The CO2 tank must be fitted with an anti-siphon valve, which keeps liquid CO2 from entering the gun. Nit... Read More »

How to Be the Best at Paintball?

Paintball is a great and fun sport to play. You can become the best at it and have more fun.