Who invented optical diagnostic equipment?

Answer Vietnamese American Dr. Tuan-Vo-Dinh invented optical diagnostic equipment. He has received over 30 patents for devices he has invented that use optical scanning to detect and diagnose diseases. Hi... Read More »

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Diagnostic Equipment for Human Cancer?

The equipment used to diagnose cancer has been improving over the years, allowing earlier treatment and thus increasing the chances of a cure. Although equipment choice is often determined by cance... Read More »

Who invented magneto-optical drive?

The original magneto-optical drive was invented by Robert G. Nisle of Bartsville, Oklahoma. The United States Patent Office assigned patent no. 2,973,684 to Phillips Petroleum Company on March 7, ... Read More »

Who invented gymnastics equipment?

The Greeks are credited with creating the concept of gymnastics where men trained in a room to increase strength for fighting in the military. Later the Romans invented the wooden horse that is use... Read More »

Who invented surveying equipment?

Gerard L'Estrange Turner describes the graphometer, theodolite and aneroid barometer as early surveying tools. Turner says the graphometer was invented in 1597 by Philip Dunfre of France; it works ... Read More »