Who invented neoprene?

Answer Neoprene (scientific name: polychloroprene) is a synthetic rubber. It was invented by Arnold Collins, a chemist for DuPont, in 1930. Neoprene was first commercialized in 1933 and is commonly used i... Read More »

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Who invented neoprene foam?

In 1930, A.M. Collins created the first neoprene. Dupont Laboratories took over the invention and gave rubbery polymer the name of Duprene, later renamed to neoprene. The company made variations to... Read More »

Is Neoprene waterproof?

Neoprene is in fact waterproof. It's a type of synthetic rubber. It's waterproof because water molecules are too big to pass through gaps in between polymer strands. Also, because there's no hydrog... Read More »

How to Use a Neoprene Repair Kit?

Neoprene is a rubber, waterproof material that is used in a variety of outdoor clothing, such as wetsuits and hip waders. The material is designed to repel water from the body. For this reason, it ... Read More »

How to Shrink Neoprene?

Neoprene tubing is commonly used to bundle electrical cables and wires in the engine of cars. This tubing is slid over the wires to be bundled and then shrunk around the cables to ensure a tight fi... Read More »