Who invented music notes?

Answer Western music note notation has evolved over many centuries. No one knows exactly who invented it, but the earliest forms are traced to 9th century European monasteries with modern staff notation a... Read More »

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How to Teach Music Notes?

The ability to read music well forms the cornerstone of solid musicianship. Whether you give private music lessons or teach vocal or instrumental classes, you can make learning notes more interesti... Read More »

How to Make Music Notes on a Mac?

Music notation is the representation of music through written symbols, such as music notes. Celebrated composers such as Bach and Mozart had to write music notation by hand, but today, computers o... Read More »

How do you type the music notes on the computer...!!?

Learning Music Notes the Easy Way?

Music notes have three functions. They tell musicians which note to play, at what pitch to play the note and how long the note is sustained. Learning to understand written music is not as difficult... Read More »