Who invented mood rings?

Answer The mood ring was accidentally discovered by the jeweler Marvin Wernick in the late 1960s. He observed a thermotropic strip taking a child's temperature and decided to turn that paper into jewelry ... Read More »

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What year were mood rings invented?

The mood ring was invented in 1975 by jewelry designer Marvin Wernick. Wernick came up with the idea after seeing an emergency room physician measure a child's temperature by placing a strip made o... Read More »

Do mood rings really work?

On One Hand: They Do Change ColorMood rings regularly change color. Liquid crystals fill the stones and often display different colors, from green to blue to black. These colors reflect mood, with ... Read More »

What does purple mean on mood rings?

Mood rings change hues depending on your emotion. Purple indicates that you are feeling romantic towards another or perhaps you are seeing everything through the eyes of someone who enjoys romance ... Read More »

Effects of Mood Rings?

Mood rings first gained popularity in the 1970s and have been going in and out of style ever since. When wearing a mood ring, the color reflected indicates the emotions felt by the wearer. Mood rin... Read More »