Who invented milk&cereal?

Answer The honors for first person to combine cereal and milk go inventor James Caleb Jackson and his breakfast cereal, Granula, developed and marketed in 1863. This dense cereal needed to be soaked in mi... Read More »

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Who invented the milk bottle?

The first glass milk bottle was invented in 1884 by Dr. Hervey Thatcher in Potsdam, New York. It was called Thatcher's Common Sense Milk Jar and was the first sanitary milk bottle.References:Modern... Read More »

When were plastic milk jugs invented?

While polyethylene was created in 1931, the process used for producing plastic at that time was not sophisticated enough to make the plastic viable for commercial uses. In 1951, Paul Hogan and Robe... Read More »

Who invented putting milk on cereal?

The first account of using milk with a cereal product was in 1863, when Dr. James Caleb Jackson soaked dense bran nuggets in milk overnight to make the cereal chewable. He called the product Granul... Read More »

Can anyone tell me the difference between cow milk, soy milk, almond milk and rice milk?

YesCow milk tastes like milk, the rest are merely scam imitations, rather than direct substitutes. It's like calling Mountain Dew, milk.