Who invented mascara?

Answer The Ancient Egyptians were the first to create eye makeup similar to mascara by mixing khol, crocodile dung, honey and water in 3400-30 BC. The first mascara was invented during the 19th century by... Read More »

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Who invented the mascara wand?

Who invented waterproof mascara?

The inventor of waterproof mascara was Max Factor Jr., whose father created The Max Factor Cosmetics Company. Max Factor Jr. started developing makeup for the movie stars before marketing it to eve... Read More »

How to Get Clumps Out Of Your Mascara and Keep Mascara From Clumping?

Long, clump-free eyelashes are possible with the right mascara and the right application techniques, regardless of what type of eyelashes you have. Even if you have short, sparse eyelashes, you can... Read More »

What mascara do you use?

I use soo many different kinds, depending on how I want my lashes to look that day.-Great Lash (The one that comes in the signature pink and green bottle.)-Sky High Curves-Carbon Black Voluminous- ... Read More »