Who Invented Permanent Makeup?

Answer Permanent makeup, known as micropigmentation, has ancient roots that extend all the way back to Cleopatra, who some believe wore permanent makeup. Mummies recovered from the same period in history ... Read More »

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Who invented tattoo makeup?

Tattoo makeup dates back to ancient Egyptian and Japanese times. However, American oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Crowell Beard was the first person to use cosmetic tattoos as a substitute for lost eyela... Read More »

Do you think makeup is the stupedest thing ever invented?

&^&^&^Michael starts us off ..Generally speaking I prefer women who don't wear much make-up. In my opinion all women look better (and more beautiful) without it. I know there are some times like sp... Read More »

How Do I Protect the Makeup in My Makeup Case During an Outdoor Summer Photo Shoot?

If you bring makeup to a photo shoot at the beach, you must take proper care to keep the makeup from getting too hot. Makeup needs to be kept cool and if it is placed on a beach in the heat, the re... Read More »

Guys only please. Do u prefer a girl who wears makeup or no makeup?

No make up and if they have to use it very very little