Who invented magnetic therapy?

Answer It's not known precisely who invented magnetic therapy, but the earliest medical text written mentions the application of magnetic stones to help correct health imbalances. The book was titled, The... Read More »

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How to Be a Magnetic Therapy Practitioner?

Understanding magnetic fields is key to successfully implementing magnetic therapy.While magnetic therapy has been around for some time, it is slowly gaining acceptance in the mainstream due to mag... Read More »

Who invented magnetic levitation?

Magnetic levitation most often finds use in high-speed trains called maglev trains. Emile Bachelet (1863-1946) was the first person to conceive this idea back in the early 20th century; his ideas w... Read More »

Who invented the magnetic scanner?

The magnetic scanner, or Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Now MRI) device, was invented by Raymond Vahan Damadian and patented in 1974. Paul C. Lauterbur contributed significantly to the device'... Read More »

Where was the magnetic compass invented?

The magnetic compass is a Chinese invention made in 221-206 B.C. during the Qin Dynasty. Chinese navigators used compasses about 1000 B.C. By the 1100s it was used by European sailors.Source:Solar ... Read More »