Who invented lifesaver candy?

Answer Clarence Crane was a chocolate maker who invented Life Savers candy in 1912. He was trying to come up with a product that would not melt in the heat of summer like chocolate. The first flavor was P... Read More »

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How does a candy Lifesaver get its color?

Wrigley uses artificial food coloring to give Lifesavers their colors. The food colorings include Yellow 5, Red 40 and Blue 1. Other Lifesavers ingredients include citric acid, sugar, high fructose... Read More »

How did the lifesaver candy originate?

Life Savers, the popular ring shaped hard candy sold in roll packaging, were invented in 1912 by Cleveland chocolate maker Clarence Crane. Currently owned by the Wrigley Company, Life Savers are av... Read More »

How to Make a Lifesaver Train With Candy?

Lifesaver trains can be made with a group of children or prepared ahead of time to hand out. This little decoration or party favor can be made with any candies that you have on hand. Look for the r... Read More »

How to Craft a Doll Out of Lifesaver Candy?

Lifesavers are a tangy, fruity hard candy that come neatly wrapped in a tube, making them easy to use in craft projects. Make the candy into a doll can make that tube of Lifesavers you slip into a ... Read More »