Who invented key rings?

Answer Keyrings were invented by a man named Herluf G. Johnson. He filed the patent request on November 29, 1920 and was awarded the patent on January, 3 1922. The original design featured a clasp which u... Read More »

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When were class rings invented?

The class ring originated at West Point in 1835, according to the United States Military Academy Library at West Point. Members of the graduating class of 1835 designed and purchased their own ring... Read More »

When were motion rings invented?

Norman Teufel developed the first motion ring, the Swinger Ring, in 1971 in Beverly Hills, California. Manufactured by Teufel, Inc., the rings use stainless steel ball bearings in combination with ... Read More »

Who invented marriage rings?

It is unclear who invented marriage rings or wedding bands. But, the first record of an exchange of rings during marriage dates back to ancient Egypt, around 4800 years ago.References:Atlantis Ring... Read More »

Who invented mood rings?

The mood ring was accidentally discovered by the jeweler Marvin Wernick in the late 1960s. He observed a thermotropic strip taking a child's temperature and decided to turn that paper into jewelry ... Read More »