Who invented key chains?

Answer The first key chain was invented by Frederick J. Loudin, an African American inventor, in January of 1894. Loudin, born free in 1840, was also an accomplished singer, orator and civil rights activi... Read More »

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How to Make Key Chains?

You will find it so easy to make a key chain.....just follow the steps

Dog Abuse & Chains?

Some dogs owners use chains, runs or tethers to control their dogs outside, but the continuous use of these restraints rob dogs of sufficient exercise, socialization and space to eat and eliminate ... Read More »

How to Install Snow Chains?

You may need snow chains (also called tire chains) for extra traction in mountainous areas, or even in lowland areas that get a lot of snow. Make it a point to practice installing snow chains befor... Read More »

Jewelry Chains Types?

Chains have been a mainstay of jewelry since humans learned to craft metal into decorative objects. Gold chains comprised part of a Minoan earring that dates back to the 17th century B.C. Heavy gol... Read More »