Who invented hot rollers?

Answer According to, Charles Nessler invented the first hot roller product in 1905. His invention utilized heat channeled through metal rods, around which the hair was wrapped. However, t... Read More »

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Who Invented the First Rollers for a Perm?

The perming process was created by a German named Karl Nessler on Oct. 8, 1906. The patent was received in 1909. It took Nessler many years of experimentation to get it right; he destroyed his wife... Read More »

Velcro Rollers vs. Hot Rollers?

To some, looking good can be important and a woman's hair is her crowning glory. Adding curl and volume to your hair is one way to boost your look or even just try something different. Hot rollers ... Read More »

How to Use Hot Rollers?

Hot rollers create all types or curls and come in many shapes and sizes. Stick rollers are quick and easy to use, steam rollers create extra curl, and velvet covered ceramic rollers create body and... Read More »

How to Use Hot Rollers on a Wig?

If your wig has lost its bounce or the curls are hopelessly mashed or frizzed, it's time to restyle your wig and get those curls back into shape. Whether your wig is synthetic, made of human hair o... Read More »