Who invented the hockey helmet?

Answer Charlie Patterson, a Canadian, invented the hockey helmet. Patterson's interest in developing a helmet resulted from a concussion one of his sons incurred from hitting his head on the ice during a ... Read More »

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Who invented table hockey?

According to a French Canadian newspaper, table hockey was invented by Don Munro in 1930. In 1939, Munro brought in a wooden construction that he had named table hockey to the offices of a Swedish ... Read More »

Who invented hockey pads?

George Merritt of the Winnipeg Victorias was the first hockey player to "invent" pads. During the 1896 Stanley Cup, he wore a pair of cricket pads to protect his legs. Most early padding was impr... Read More »

Who invented ice hockey skates?

According to, ice skates were used by Scandinavians, the Finnish and Dutch as early as the 11th century. The Starr Mfg. Co. Ltd. invented and patented Starr Hockey Skates in ... Read More »

Who invented hockey pucks?

The first hockey puck was invented by James Creighton. Creighton had the idea to replace the traditional ball with a 1-by-3-inch circular piece of wood on March 3, 1875. The first game to use this ... Read More »