Who invented high-heel shoes?

Answer It's not clear who invented high-heeled shoes, but they have been around for a long time. High heels are visible on men and women in Egyptian murals dating back to about 3,500 BCE and were commonly... Read More »

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How to Shop for High Heel Shoes?

When going shopping, it happens quite often that we see a pair of high heel shoes that is much prettier than others. We buy them, and feel so proud and happy. But there comes the moment to go out, ... Read More »

How to Break in High Heel Shoes?

Your new shoes look fantastic and are the latest style, but are stiff and uncomfortable to walk in. New shoes usually need to be broken in when first bought, and high heels are no exception.

How to Wear High Heel Shoes Pain Free?

You love wearing high heels! After some hours you feel tired and pain. Here is how to wear high heels pain free!

Who invented high-heel boots?

The specific inventor of high-heeled boots is not known. Some sources credit Leonardo da Vinci with inventing the high heel. Originally, high-heeled boots developed in the early 1500s as a way to k... Read More »