Who invented the hangman game?

Answer Although the inventor of Hangman is unknown, the game dates back to Victorian times. It was first mentioned in 1894 in "Traditional Games" by Alice Bertha Gomme. It went by the name Birds, Beasts a... Read More »

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Who invented the hangman word game?

The original inventor of the hangman word game is lost to history, but the hangman game was popular in 19th-century England. According to the Oxford Guide to Word Games, similar word games such as ... Read More »

Where did hangman come from?

Hangman is a word guessing game in which each wrongly guessed letter contributes to the completion of a drawing of a person hanging on a gallows. The game's exact origins are hidden in time, but it... Read More »

Who was the hangman at Nuremberg?

Joseph Malta, a United States military policeman, was the hangman at Nuremberg on October 16, 1946. Malta, in a November 1996 interview with Jon Marcus for the Los Angeles Times, said he enjoyed ha... Read More »

How to Play Hangman?

Do you and a friend want to play hangman? Read this article and you'll be able to pass the time.