Who invented gummy candy?

Answer A candy maker from Germany named Hans Riegel invented the earliest gummy candy, called gummi bears, in the early 1920s. He owned a candy company called Haribo. According to the National Confectione... Read More »

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How is gummy candy made?

Tasty, chewy gummy candy is a favorite of children and adults worldwide. Fruit flavored and brightly colored, gummy candies come in many shapes, ranging from bears and other animals to fruit and wo... Read More »

Is gelatin used in gummy candy?

According to the Gelatin Manufacturers Institute of America, gelatin is commonly used in gummy candies. Gelatin is derived from animal bone and connective tissue and may be used in a number of diff... Read More »

Who invented gummy worms?

The gummy worm was introduced by German candy company Trolli in 1981. Originally, Trolli designed gummy worms to be shocking to children's parents. The shock soon wore off, however, and gummy worms... Read More »

Gummy worms or gummy bears?