Who invented the first golf tee?

Answer The modern golf tee was invented by Dr. George Franklin Grant, who received a patent for his invention in 1899. Unfortunately, golfers were not made aware of Grant's invention and the patent died w... Read More »

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Who invented the golf tee?

George Grant invented the golf tee in 1899, according to Before Grant invented the golf tee, golfers would carry a bucket of sand from hole to hole to make a mound for their golf ... Read More »

Where&when was golf invented?

Golf as its known today was developed in 15th century Scotland in the Kingdom of Fife on the eastern coast. While many games involving sticks and balls were popular throughout Europe at the time, t... Read More »

Who invented Frisbee golf?

Ed Headrick was the founder of disc, or Frisbee, golf. He designed the first disc golf course in Pasadena, Calif., in 1975 and founded the Professional Disc Golf Association that same year. He pass... Read More »

Who invented the first golf cart?

Merle Williams invented the first golf cart in 1951. He developed it while experimenting with electric cars during the gasoline rationing of World War II. His company Marketeer began producing golf... Read More »