Who invented fuzzy dice?

Answer According to Matthew Alice in a September 2001 San Diego Reader article, no one knows for sure who invented fuzzy dice. Fuzzy dice came about during the 1950s, "the era when Vegas made its nationwi... Read More »

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There was a fluffy creature and it had a fuzzy pet and they would travel to different world on theirs white fuzzy couch it was a show on noggin...?

It was called little planet and it did have furry creatures who fly on a sofa to diffrent places!!!It was called Tiny Planets, their names were Bing and Bong

How do you keep a fuzzy North Face always fuzzy?

I would try, if you are not a person who sweats a lot, not washing it as much as you do. Washing and drying the North Face makes the material less fuzzy as before. If you do sweat a lot and need to... Read More »

Why is my cable TV fuzzy?

When you first connect your cable connection to your TV, you may encounter a variety of problems with the image quality, or the picture quality might degrade unexpectedly. There are several possibl... Read More »

How to fix fuzzy cable?

If you mean that the cable itself is damaged then replace it.