Who invented foam cups?

Answer An inventor named John Grebe was the creator of the foam cup. He is honored for his invention in the Plastics Hall of Fame on the second floor of the National Plastics Center in Leominster, Massach... Read More »

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Who invented glass cups?

Archaeologists have found glass beverage cups in ancient Egypt that date back to 1500 B.C. Glass cups were a luxury and were found in the tombs of Egyptian priests and royalty.References:Top Art Gl... Read More »

Who invented Styrofoam cups?

John Grebe invented the plastic foam cup using a material known as "expanded polystyrene," which he also invented. It is related to, but not the same as, the trademarked Styrofoam, or "extruded pol... Read More »

Who invented plastic cups?

In July 1960, a patent was filed for a thin-walled plastic container, but it was not specifically called a plastic cup. Two years later, in April 1964, a company called Price was granted a U.S. pat... Read More »

Who invented paper cups?

The paper cup was invented to help curb disease. Before this invention, people often drank from a common tin cup, spigot or dipper. Lawrence Luellen created the paper cup in 1907. In 1912, these di... Read More »