Who invented flavored yogurt?

Answer The Dannon Company, Inc., invented flavored yogurt in 1947. The first flavored yogurt was yogurt with strawberry fruit on the bottom. Other flavors soon followed, including raspberry, blueberry, le... Read More »

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How to Make Coffee Flavored Yogurt?

Sometimes you can't always get the coffee flavored yogurt you want, but with little effort you can make the one you need.

How to Make Fruit Flavored Yogurt Dressing?

The commercial frozen varietyThis dressing is low calorie and can be eaten plain, mixed in with diced fruit, a dessert topping, or used as a fruit salad dressing! This is quick, easy and yummy!

Who invented flavored chewing gum?

John Colgan, a Louisville chemist, invented flavored chewing gum in 1880. Colgan's first flavored chewing gum was called Taffy Tolu and appeared as six small squares held together with a rubber ban... Read More »

Who invented yogurt who?

I don't think anyone knows since it was so long ago, but probably in Central Asia.I think it may have been a discovery too rather than an invention--that milk could be preserved when fermented and ... Read More »