Who invented the fire escape?

Answer Although fire escapes of various kinds have been around for thousands of years, the modern external staircase was invented by Anna Connelly, who patented the fire escape in 1887. The invention was ... Read More »

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Who invented fire sprinklers?

British inventor John Carey is credited with the invention of automatic fire sprinklers in 1806. Carey's system was comprised of a pipe with several valves held by counterweights attached by string... Read More »

Who Invented Fire Escape Ladders?

Joseph Winters invented the fire escape ladder, which was patented on May 7, 1878. Winter's ladder was first mounted and used by the fire wagons of the city of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, in 1878.S... Read More »

Who invented the fire escape bracket?

The fire escape bracket was invented by C.V. Richey and patented on December 28, 1897. The use of the bracket allows for the attachment of a stiff or pliable fire escape ladder to a windowsill. The... Read More »

Who invented the fire escape stairway?

Anna Connelly patented the first metal fire escape in 1887. The fire escape consisted of an exterior staircase made out of metal. Around the turn of the 20th century, many new fire safety laws went... Read More »