Who invented fertility drugs?

Answer The most common fertility drugs are clomifene (also known as clomiphene), made by Par Pharmaceutical, and the synthetic hormones gonadotropins. But because fertility drugs can often lead to multipl... Read More »

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Can you list some fertility drugs containing hCG?

If you are pregnant when needing Rubex you have to tell your doctor and discuss your concerns with him! According to the FDA; Pregnancy Category D Safe use of doxorubicin in pregnancy has not bee... Read More »

Can I use fertility drugs in pre-menopause?

On One Hand: Fertility Drugs Can be TakenThe transition from fertility to menopause is called perimenopause. While ovulation and pregnancy rates decline during this time, conception is not impossib... Read More »

How do human fertility drugs increase the chance of multiple births?

This is because how the eggs are fertilized. You can compare it to animals in the wild. When you make a zoo and protect them from outside sources they live longer, and when you shelter the eggs fro... Read More »

Can women who can conceive still take fertility drugs to increase the chance of multiple births?

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