Who invented fashion in clothing?

Answer Although it is difficult to determine precisely when clothing became more than just garments to cover the body, there is one man credited for creating "haute couture" or high end fashion. Charles F... Read More »

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Women's Fashion & Clothing in the 1980s?

Fashion trends in the 1980s were all about bold colors and distinct silhouettes. Clothing in turquoise and hot pink replaced the muted metallic tones of the previous decade. Women opted for acid... Read More »

Flappers Clothing Fashion of the 1920s?

Flapper fashion reached its peak of popularity in 1926, but was found on American women between 1925 and 1928. Despite only being in vogue for four years, the flapper look is iconic and is usually ... Read More »

Tips on Drawing Fashion Clothing?

The ability to draw clothing is very important in the world of fashion. The skill is necessary for both technical design work, before garments are produced, and for promotional work. For an individ... Read More »

What colors of clothing match what are some fashion dos and don'ts?

-Black matches anything-White matches anything-If you're wearing horozontal stripes, pants or tops, be careful that the stripes aren't too wide. They'll make even the smallest person look bigger th... Read More »