DIY Drumsticks?

Answer Drumsticks are an integral part of a drummer's instrument set, and play a role in the sound that the drums make. The length, weight and tip shape of drumsticks all affect the sound produced when ba... Read More »

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How are drumsticks made?

Drumsticks are made by using standard woodworking techniques of turning on a lathe. Drumsticks are commonly made from hickory. Vic Firth controls more than percent of the drumstick market.Making Dr... Read More »

How do i deep-fry drumsticks?

BasicsThe drumstick of a turkey or chicken is considered dark meat, which takes longer to cook than white meet. Regular frying may only cover part of the object with the cooking oil, deep frying su... Read More »

How do I twirl drumsticks?

Spinning drumsticks not only looks cool, but it's good for maintaining dexterity of your fingers. During pauses in drumming passages, or just to keep the rhythm going, twirling the sticks provides ... Read More »

How do I cook drumsticks?

Drumstick Cooking GuidelinesA drumstick, as Recipe Tips reports, is "the lower, meaty leg portion of the bird, such as a chicken, turkey or duck, which exists from the knee joint down to almost the... Read More »