Who invented double entry bookkeeping?

Answer Benedetto Cotrugli is the true inventor of double-entry bookkeeping, although the Italian monk Luca Pacioli is often credited for the invention. Cotrugli's manuscript, "Of Trading and the Perfect T... Read More »

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What Is a Double Entry Account?

Sales, expenses and other business transactions are entered as journal entries, which are then posted to a company's ledgers. In a double-entry system, at least two entries to two different account... Read More »

What is a double entry visa?

Visas are a necessary part of traveling internationally. There are restrictions and requirements when entering another country; meeting visa requirements and adhering to the terms of the visa is ju... Read More »

Who invented the double decker bus?

Douglas Scott (1913-1990), along with a team, invented the double-decker bus in London, England. It is also called the Routemaster bus.Source:Double Decker Bus

Who invented the double neck guitar?

Paul Bigsby, a pattern maker and motorcyclist from California, produced one of the first double neck guitars for country star Merle Travis in 1952. The harp guitar, which is very similar to the do... Read More »