Can HIV survive on doorknobs?

Answer On One Hand: It's Safe to TouchHIV cannot be spread through casual contact. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) says casual contact such as touching a doorknob, sharing a glass, shaking hands or ... Read More »

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How to Install & Remove Doorknobs?

Replacing interior or exterior doorknobs is not difficult. Replacing doorknobs will not require making new holes or mortising the area for the strike plate. Removing old doorknobs and installing ne... Read More »

How to Paint Brass Doorknobs?

As of 2010, brass doorknobs that were once so popular had become dated. Instead of replacing doorknobs that cost up to $25 each in 2010, paint your brass doorknobs with spray paint. Spray paint is ... Read More »

How do I keep brass doorknobs shiny?

Salt & Vinegar CleanerPlace a towel on the floor below the brass doorknob to catch any drippings when cleaning. Mix one part salt, one part vinegar and one part flour to form a paste. Scoop up the ... Read More »

Can shiny brass doorknobs be antiqued?

Yes, shiny brass doorknobs can be antiqued. After removing the varnish from the knob with nail polish remover and then boiling it, you can oxidize the brass knob by using various techniques: exampl... Read More »