Who invented dog collars?

Answer Nobody really knows who invented the first dog collar, but no doubt it was used as a way to control the one of the first domesticated dogs. We do know that ancient Egyptians used collars on their d... Read More »

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How much are cat collars?

On One Hand: Normal Cat CollarShopping at your pet discount store will cost you anywhere from $3 to $9 for a collar that is mass manufactured and distributed widely. The quality of these collars is... Read More »

Are shock collars safe?

On One Hand: Shock Collars Temporarily Cause PainShock collars are designed to communicate with invisible fences, or wires embedded in the ground. When a dog wearing the collar gets too close to it... Read More »

How to Compare Bark Collars?

Without the right bark collar to keep your dog from barking, your dog could keep you and your neighbors up at night or bark unnecessarily at cars or strangers. Because some neighborhoods have noise... Read More »

Are shock collars dangerous?

On One Hand: Shock Collars Block Blood FlowShock collars can cause permanent injury to a dog by blocking blood flow to the brain and initiating a stroke. If the dog is concentrating on something el... Read More »