Who invented dog boots?

Answer Douglas Buchanan is the inventor of dog boots. The Ludlow, England, man designed the protective footwear for the Queen's corgis. He also invented knife-proof vests for the police. Among Buchanan's ... Read More »

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Who invented football boots?

Football boots are believed to have been invented by Cornelius Johnson in 1525. Johnson created the heavy leather, ankle-high boots for King Henry VIII of England. Football boots were listed in the... Read More »

Who invented high-heel boots?

The specific inventor of high-heeled boots is not known. Some sources credit Leonardo da Vinci with inventing the high heel. Originally, high-heeled boots developed in the early 1500s as a way to k... Read More »

Who invented high heel boots?

No one knows who invented high heeled boots, as evidence of high heeled shoes dates back to 4000 B.C. in Egypt. Heels became popular in Europe when short monarchs wore them to appear taller and mor... Read More »

Why were thermal space gloves&boots invented?

It is very cold in space, and often astronauts have to perform work on the exterior of ships or spacestations. If the gloves and boots of their spacesuits were not heated the astronauts would quick... Read More »