Who invented dishwashing detergent?

Answer Chemist Dennis W. Weatherby, born in Brighton, Alabama, in 1960, deserves credit for inventing the first dishwashing detergent. His invention, named Cascade, is made by Procter and Gamble and remai... Read More »

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Who manufactures Joy dishwashing detergent?

U.S.-based cleaning products manufacturer Procter & Gamble makes Joy dishwashing liquid. At least one other company with the name "Joy" manufactures detergent, but it doesn't make a product specif... Read More »

What is in dawn dishwashing detergent?

Dawn dishwashing detergent is a range of products manufactured by Procter and Gamble used to clean dishware, silverware, cookware and other items. The Dawn product line includes a variety of specia... Read More »

Why does dishwashing detergent have an expiration date?

Maybe it is just a sales ploy to get us all to buy more dish washing detergent. Even if the products lose some of their efficiency, I do not think that they would be "harmful" to use on dishes, pot... Read More »

What is Dawn dishwashing detergent made of?

The specific ingredients in Dawn Liquid Dish Detergent vary according to the product. Each Dawn product lists its specific ingredients on the bottle, but all products include surfactants, dispensin... Read More »