Who invented curtain rods?

Answer An African American named S.R. Scrottron invented the curtain rod. It was patented by Scrottron under the US patent number 481,720 on August 30th 1892. The original rod was a long metal tube open a... Read More »

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Where should you place curtain rods?

On One Hand: Standard HangingCurtain rod hanging depends partly on the style of curtains and how you want them to work with your decor. Lowe's Hardware suggests hanging a curtain rod a few inches a... Read More »

How to Select Curtain Rods?

What difference does it make if your curtain rod is visible or not? A lot! Just like the necklace, scarf or tie you pick to complete your day’s outfit, your choice of curtain rod completes your w... Read More »

How to Install Curtain Rods?

Before you install a curtain rod, you should have the curtains you want to hang from it. The curtain will not only determine the height of the rod, but what kind of rod to buy and whether to instal... Read More »

How high do you put curtain rods on a doorwall?

Curtain rod height over a doorwall (sliding glass door) varies. Hold gathered curtains beside the doorwall and note the casing location. Rods thread through the casing. If using other attachment me... Read More »