Who invented computer networking?

Answer George Stibitz, first demonstrated the capabilities of networked computing in 1940. Stibitz established communication between his Complex Number Calculator in Manhattan and four separate teletype m... Read More »

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AA in computer networking?

If you have an AA in computer networking and you didn't go for the certs, you will still be considered for employment. If you can afford the certs, you will stand out in the crowd!

Uses of Computer Networking?

A computer network is an interconnection of computers, printers, scanners and other hardware devices and software applications. Networks connect users within a defined physical space (such as withi... Read More »

The Meaning of Computer Networking?

Computer networking is the process of connecting and maintaining a network of computers that can access and share data with other computers on the same network. A computer network can be a small pe... Read More »

Computer Networking & Topologies?

Computer networks consist of two or more machines connected to each other through network media such as network interface cards, network cabling, routers and bridges. The manner in which the device... Read More »