Who invented coffee sleeves?

Answer Jay Sorensen, a service-station owner and part-time real estate agent, invented the coffee sleeve in 1991. He came up with the idea after spilling a cup of coffee because the paper cup was too hot ... Read More »

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When was the coffee pot invented?

Benjamin Thompson, an American scientist, traveler and fortune seeker who lived and worked in Europe at the time, is credited for inventing the first coffee pot in 1806. It used both the drip pot t... Read More »

Who invented the coffee filter?

A German housewife invented the coffee filter in 1908. Melitta Bentz poked a hole in the bottom of a brass pot and lined it with paper from her son's notebook. The filtered coffee dripped out of th... Read More »

Who invented the first coffee maker?

The Mr. Coffee company is credited with inventing the first automatic drip coffeemakers for household use. Introduced in 1972, this invention revolutionized the coffee making industry by providing ... Read More »

Who invented the coffee table?

Architect and designer Edward William Godwin designed the first "coffee table" in 1868, but unlike modern coffee tables, it was 27 inches tall and resembled the tall tea tables of 18th century Brit... Read More »