When were chocolate chips invented?

Answer According to the Joy of Baking, the inspiration for chocolate chips came from Ruth Wakefield, who owned the Toll House Inn. In 1930, she chopped up Nestle chocolate bars and put the chunks in cooki... Read More »

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Who invented tortilla chips?

Rebecca Webb Carranza is credited as being the inventor of the tortilla chip. In the late 1940s, she made triangular tortillas and fried them for family at a gathering. They loved it, and in 1947 b... Read More »

What female invented potato chips?

Potato chips were not invented by a female, but by George Crum. He created the potato chip while working as the head chef at the Moon's Lake House resort in Saratoga Springs, New York, in 1853.Sour... Read More »

Who invented Chips Ahoy cookies?

Chips Ahoy! cookies were introduced by Nabisco in 1963. They were marketed as a cookie that could not be bitten into without tasting a chocolate chip. By the 1980s, several different varieties of t... Read More »

What year were potato chips invented?

Potato chips were invented in 1853 by chef George Crum in Sarasota Springs, New York. Crum invented the chips by thinly slicing French-fried potatoes as a response to a difficult customer.Reference... Read More »