Who invented child proof medicine bottles?

Answer Dr. Henri Breault, a Canadian pediatrician, invented the first childproof medicine cap in 1967. Childproof caps reduced accidental poisonings by 90 percent. They became mandatory in Ontario in 1974... Read More »

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Who invented thermos bottles?

In 1892, a British scientist named James Dewar invented the vacuum thermos that became popular through companies like Thermos, Stanley and Aladdin in the beginning of the 20th century, when they st... Read More »

How do you child proof a house?

Go to a baby store, they have TOO MUCH stuff :) Some basics -Electrical outlets should be covered -Toilets should be locked -ALL cabinets should be locked -Rubber or some sort of cover on ALL ... Read More »

Who invented caps for bottles&jars?

William Painter invented the first bottle cap in Baltimore in 1892. He called it the "crown cork" and created the Crown Cork and Seal Company to produce and market it. New Yorker John L. Mason intr... Read More »