How to Castle in Chess?

Answer Castling is a defensive move in chess where the king and a rook move at the same time. It is the only time two pieces move at once. There are specific rules regarding castling, so read on learn how... Read More »

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How to End a Chess Game?

There are many ways to end a chess game, but sadly, they depend on how you play the game before the endgame. However, if you managed to gain the upper hand or are not that far behind in material, t... Read More »

How to Play Chess?

Playing chessChess is a very popular game and is widely accepted as one of the oldest games still played. Although it has a set of easily comprehensible rules, it requires a lot of practice to win ... Read More »

How to Open in Chess?

It's rightly said: Well begun is half done!Chess Openings are defined as the first 8 moves of any chess game. This crucial time in the game often determines the winner in the mid or end game. The m... Read More »

How do I make a chess set?

One of the very oldest of board games still widely played together, chess sets have become not only a classic test of strategy, but an artistic fixture. Modern chess sets are made in so many styles... Read More »