Who invented chemical fertilizers?

Answer German chemist Justus von Liebig is considered the father of artificial fertilizer. He was a pioneer in the field of organic chemistry. He proved that plants could obtain the chemicals they needed ... Read More »

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Uses of Chemical Fertilizers?

Chemical fertilizers are synthetic substances that provide the necessary nutrients for healthy plant growth and development. Chemical fertilizers combine synthetic forms of the primary macronutrien... Read More »

What are chemical fertilizers made of?

Chemical fertilizers are basically salt-like materials. They are made of a mixture of forms of urea, forms of ammoniacal, potassium chloride and nitrates. Some chemical fertilizers may also contain... Read More »

List of Chemical Fertilizers?

Chemical fertilizers are inorganic materials which are partly or wholly synthetic. Chemical fertilizers are added to the soil to increase the nutrient levels in order to support the optimal growth ... Read More »

Brands of Chemical Fertilizers?

"The nutrients in chemical fertilizers are in a form that is readily available to plants," states the Ohio State University Extension website. The nutrients that plants need can be obtained from or... Read More »