Who invented the checkers game?

Answer The game of checkers goes back thousands of years. Something resembling a draughts board dating back to 3000 B.C. was found at a dig in Iraq. Another draughts board has been traced back to ancient... Read More »

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When were Chinese Checkers invented?

Surprisingly, Chinese Checkers is a game that was not invented in China, and the checkers themselves are not even Chinese. The game of Chinese Checkers was invented in Germany in the year 1892. It ... Read More »

Who invented the game checkers?

Since checkers is thought to be thousands of years old, it's hard to pin the invention of checkers on one person. The modern version of checkers was created around 1100 by an unknown Frenchman. He ... Read More »

Who invented the original game of checkers?

While a version of checkers dated around 3,000 B.C.E. was uncovered in an archeological dig in the Ur region of Iraq, modern checkers originated from an unknown Frenchman who made jumping mandatory... Read More »

How to Play Battle Checkers: the Chinese Checkers Modification?

How to Play Battle Checkers: the Chinese Checkers Modification"