Are ceiling fans more cost effective and efficient than portable box pedestal room fans?

Answer AnswerI bought a ceiling fan for my front room for $80 (live in Canada) and that old girl has been going for over 10 years! I wouldn't be without one. Go for the ceiling fan as heat rises and it re... Read More »

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Are ceiling fans effective?

On One Hand: Circulate AirCeiling fans effectively circulate the air in a room. The movement of air makes a room feel cooler on a hot day. The fan keeps cooler air, which is heavier, from sinking a... Read More »

Ceiling fans for summer..?

Counterclockwise movement of the fan will result in downward airflow creating a wind chill effect. In cooler weather, clockwise movement of fan will result in upward airflow that can help move stag... Read More »

How to Decorate Ceiling Fans?

Although you can purchase a ceiling fan with a beautiful design, you can also design one yourself. It can help bring a unique, personalized touch to the room the fan is in. It also provides you wit... Read More »

Are ceiling fans ok for children?

On One Hand: Safe with PrecautionParents who are installing ceiling fans in their home should take reasonable, precautionary steps. They should instruct the children on how the ceiling fan is not a... Read More »