Who invented cash registers?

Answer James Ritty invented the first cash register in 1879 and patented his idea in 1883. Ritty came up with the idea when he suspected his employees of stealing. With each sale, the employees would hit ... Read More »

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How are POS systems different from cash registers?

A POS (point of sale) system works in conjunction with a cash register by automating the tasks of a cashier. A typical POS system scans a product's UPC label, gathering information such as size, co... Read More »

Who was the inventor of cash registers?

James Jacob Ritty patented the first working mechanical cash register in 1879, although he had been working on the idea for a number of years. The device was patented under the name "Ritty's Incorr... Read More »

When did Sanyo make cash registers?

Sanyo Electronic Company was incorporated in 1950 and began making cash registers in 1972. Sanyo no longer makes cash registers, having sold that portion of its business in 2002. Support for cash r... Read More »

How much do cash registers cost with a barcode scanner?

A POS (Point of Sale) terminal at Wall Mart would be $3,000A POS terminal at gas station would cost $1,000A standard cash register would be $600Standard software included in price, so no programmin... Read More »