When was cardboard invented?

Answer The Environmental Protection Agency defines cardboard as "a thin, stiff material made of paper pulp and used in making cartons and other forms of packaging." Based on this definition, cardboard was... Read More »

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Who invented paper and/or cardboard boxes?

The cardboard box as we know it today was invented in stages, and with contributions from several people. Albert Jones was issued a patent for corrugated cardboard that was used as shipping materia... Read More »

Is a cardboard box a home by law?

A cardboard box meets the legal definition of a home. Living in a cardboard box can satisfy the residence requirements to vote in some states. Cardboard boxes are also subject to search and seizure... Read More »

How is cardboard produced?

Corrugated cardboard is a versatile type of packaging used to create everything from moving boxes to pizza boxes. It is lightweight and inexpensive, yet sturdy. It has three layers--two flat layers... Read More »

Can cardboard go in ovens?

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